29/09/06 1.4.31

  • Added new layer effect: "Time offset". Specifies the start position, in seconds, within a wavetable.
  • Added specifiable template file directory
  • Added pitch randomisation for events
  • Standardised pitch and volume randomisation for sound definitions (fdp’s are backwards compatible)
  • Added interactive search for missing sound file directories on build
  • Sound definition "Goto event" now lists all events that use that sound definition
  • Frequency curves are now non-linear in certain DSP effects giving a more useful range of movement. Effects changed are "Lowpass",
    "IT Lowpass", "Lowpass Simple" and "Highpass". Note: Curves in existing events are not affected. Only newly created curves will
    benefit from this improvement.
  • Added event "Pitch randomization" property
  • Improved sound definition "Volume randomization" and "Pitch randomization" interface
  • Added "Template File" filed in "Directories" section of "Preferences" dialog for specifying where the template file is located
  • Added new command line option to fmoddesignercl.exe "-a <pathname>" to allow override of Audio Source Directory. Useful for
    specifying different paths per project build for localization purposes.
  • Added new command line option to fmoddesignercl.exe "-s [0|1]" to specify only building streaming wavebanks or only building
    static sample wavebanks.

  • Fixed wrong input .fdp filename using fmod_designercl -m

  • Fixed "Abort" button on build dialog
  • Fixed Alt-Left-click on event in category hierarchy now previews event in same way as it does on event hierarchy
  • Fixed command line -m mode to not include wave banks that aren’t referenced
  • Fixed sound events appearing in the wrong layer when added
  • Fixed network paths not working in sound definitions

This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

See programmers API revision.txt for updates in FMOD Event runtime engine / API.

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