29/9/06 4.04.31 – Dev release update

  • Wii – Added controller speaker support.
  • Event API : Added EventSystem::release to docs.
  • Event API : Implemented EventCategory::setPaused / getPaused.
  • Event API : Implemented EventCategory::setMute / getMute.
  • Event API : Added EventCategory::stopAllEvents.
  • Event API : Added positionms to FMOD::EVENT_INFO to get event play time.
  • Event API : Added EventReverbI::getInfo.
  • Event API : Added EventSystem::getNumEvents
  • Event API : Added EventSystem::getEventBySystemID
  • Event API : Added ‘systemid’ and ‘projectid’ to EVENT_INFO structure.

  • Fix rare System::stopSound crash.

  • Fix rare stream crash.
  • Fix possible instability when using FMOD_CREATECOMPRESSEDMEMSAMPLE
  • PS3 spu beta – Fix SPU hang with EventSystem.
  • PS3 spu beta – Fix distortion in SFX reverb.
  • PS3 spu beta – Fix remaining random audio distortion in mixer.
  • PS3 spu beta – Fix memory leak when loading MPEGs with FMOD_ACCURATETIME.
  • PS3 spu beta – Fix memory leak when loading raw pcm data.
  • PS3 spu beta – Fix channelgroup volume level issue.
  • Xbox 360 – Fix XMA related hang when using virtual voices.
  • Wii/GC – Fixed distorted audio when using the EventSystem.
  • Made Channel::setLoopCount respect a count of 0 for FMOD_HARDWARE even
    though FMOD_HARDWARE doesnt support loop counts.
  • Fix memory leak in MPEG codec when failing to load as MPEG.
  • Fix support for 24-bit AIFF files
  • Fix click on oneshot sounds containing loop points
  • Event API : Max playbacks on events hard limited to 63
  • Event API : Fixed ‘just fail’ from not just failing in some cases.
  • Event API : Fixed multiple FEVs being loaded and wrong sound definitions

  • Event API : renamed EventProject::getEventById to
    EventProject::getEventByProjectId to remove any confusion between
    event group index and project id terminology.

  • PS3 – When downmix to stereo is required, FMOD’s own downmixer is used rather
    than Sony’s downmixer.

This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

We are heading to 4.05.00 release now so no new stuff (of structural significance) will be added until all bugs are fixed in this branch.

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FMOD Ex 4.04.31 don’t want to load under Linux (32 bit version) :
[code:1iq4awzf]libfmodex.so: undefined symbol: __cxa_pure_virtual[/code:1iq4awzf]

Here is how to fix it :

There are also some problems (crash) with FMOD Designer api (1.04.31). These examples [b:1iq4awzf]3ddemo[/b:1iq4awzf] & [b:1iq4awzf]realtime_tweaking[/b:1iq4awzf] crash or don’t works (under windows).

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Hi jouvieji,

Looks like I somehow reverted back to an old Makefile :s. I’ll get this fixed up for the next release.

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