Why EventSystem’s getGroupByIndex function is removed in version 4.04.35 of the libraries?
Now there is only function getGroup and that new struct EventProject is added !?!
I’ve build already the entire sound system in the game with pressumtion that no API will be changed or new structures will be added.
If you want change API just add an extra function getGroupByIndexEx or something like it.
Does that mean that know we are stuck to old libs ?
We are in production cycle already and such a major change will cost days of restructuring and testing everything all over again :(
I strongly recommend restoring back EventSystem’s getGroupByIndex function. 😕
And get those published lib versions matched at some time..

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it is not days of restructuring, you just replace EventSystem handle with EventProject? The difference is very minimal.
Instead of eventsystem->getGroupByIndex you just use eventproject->getGroupByIndex, and 1 extra line before that which is eventsystem->load(name, 0, &eventproject); (actually not even an extra line just an extra parameter in load)

getGroupByIndex just didnt work, when 2 or more fev files were loaded. Adding it back would just add back a broken function.

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