fmod only returns fft values for the final mixed stream, but I think it is not possible to use the fmod fft functions to get an ftt for each stream.
The two reasons I need this are :
1)I want to detect bpm per stream, even when you cannot hear it yet,
2)fmod’s final mixing buffer doesn’t include any hardware streams, so I have no input at all when playing my streams in hardware.

Now I want to make a fft dsp function myself, but I have two problems :

1)How can I calculate a windowing function fast, and does the fmod fft overlap regions?
2)How can I determine the time the sound is actually heard when a call to the stream dsp is done.
I am happy if I can just get an estimate on this when the sound is normally playing.
Or is it possible to get a FSOUND_Stream_GetPositionMs or something like that that would return the position of the buffer, so I can show it when the actual position is at this point?

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