We’ve been using FMOD for a while now and have gotten to the point where it’s time to organize our audio for proper loading. I want to make sure I understand the design of the Group/Wave Bank system before I go and update our .fdp, so any suggestions are appreciated.

After reading through the documentation, my understanding is that loading the data for a Group loads all of the Wav Banks associated with Events in that group. If that it the case, it seems that one should have a set of top level Groups and one more more Wave Banks per Group (more than one bank if you wanted differently compressed audio within that group). Is that the case? If so, what’s the advantage of having sub-groups? Is there an idea that I’m missing?

Any other thoughts for how I should organize Groups and map them to Wave Banks?

Thanks in advance.

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Sorry for not replying sooner.
I just realized the programmer docs for the designer interface tutorial are a bit out of date. I’ve updated it now and the jist of it is ->

Calling loadWaveData on a group only loads the individual wavs within an fsb, instead of the whole thing now, as people didnt want redundant waves possibly being loaded. You could organize your banks to match your channelgroups, but this way is just easier.

Now banks are better only split into different banks for these reasons.
– Use 1 for static sounds of one type.
– Use 1 for streams of one type.
– Use more for banks of different compression formats.
– Use more for banks that you want to preload wholly with EventSystem::registerMemoryFSB.

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