Version: FMOD Ex 4.04.47

According to the information provided:

[quote="which library do I use.txt":2xrba3ex]

Which library do I link?

If you want to use fmodex.dll: (all plugins compiled into the dll, larger main dll size)

Visual Studio users – fmodex_vc.lib.
Metrowerks Codewarrior users – fmodex_vc.lib.
Borland users – fmodex_bc.lib.
LCC-Win32 users – fmodex_lcc.lib.
Dev-C++, MinGW and CygWin users – libfmodex.a.

If you want to use fmodexp.dll: (plugins left external, smaller main dll size).

Visual Studio users – fmodexp_vc.lib.
Metrowerks Codewarrior users – fmodexp_vc.lib.
Borland users – fmodexp_bc.lib.
LCC-Win32 users – fmodexp_lcc.lib.
Dev-C++, MinGW and CygWin users – libfmodexp.a.

If you want to use fmodexL.dll: (same as fmodex.dll but with debug logging enabled)

Visual Studio users – fmodexL_vc.lib.
Metrowerks Codewarrior users – fmodexL_vc.lib.
Borland users – fmodexL_bc.lib.
LCC-Win32 users – fmodexL_lcc.lib.
Dev-C++, MinGW and CygWin users – libfmodexL.a.

then the only DLL that should be required is the [i:2xrba3ex]fmodex.dll[/i:2xrba3ex] and not [i:2xrba3ex]fmodexL.dll[/i:2xrba3ex] yet when I link and run the application I get a missing DLL error and it wants [i:2xrba3ex]fmodexL.dll[/i:2xrba3ex]. I am using the [i:2xrba3ex]EventSystem[/i:2xrba3ex] as well. I am linking the following FMOD Libs to my app:


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if you hex dump both libraries you mention, neither reference fmodexL -anywhere- , only fmodex.dll.
I’m sure you would have to be linking to one of the L libraries for it to request the L dll, its just not possible otherwise.

look in the fmoddesignerapi/examples/bin directory. There are no ‘L’ dlls there and they link to the libraries you mentioned.

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