I just found a bug in the CDDA implementation on Mac. Actually, it’s reproducable on PPC and Intel Macs.

It crashes with these outputs in XCode:
0x09eb6184 <+6524> stwu r1,-112(r1)
0x09eb6188 <+6528> mr r29,r4
0x09eb618c <+6532> lwz r0,228(r3)
0x09eb6190 <+6536> mr r27,r5
0x09eb6194 <+6540> cmpw cr7,r4,r0
0x09eb6198 <+6544> li r0,36
0x09eb619c <+6548> bge- cr7,0x9eb6214 <_ZN4FMOD7ReverbID1Ev+6668>
0x09eb61a0 <+6552> lwz r0,232(r3)
0x09eb61a4 <+6556> lwz r28,224(r3)
0x09eb61a8 <+6560> cmpw cr7,r4,r0
0x09eb61ac <+6564> beq- cr7,0x9eb61c4 <_ZN4FMOD7ReverbID1Ev+6588>
0x09eb61b0 <+6568> stw r4,232(r30)
0x09eb61b4 <+6572> mr r3,r28
0x09eb61b8 <+6576> bl 0x9eaee68 <_ZN4FMOD19System_GetDebugModeEv+2692>
0x09eb61bc <+6580> mr. r3,r3
0x09eb61c0 <+6584> bne- 0x9eb6210 <_ZN4FMOD7ReverbID1Ev+6664>

What do I do? I do many readData calls to a subsound of the CD (some kind of prebuffering). It actually, crashes sometimes but in my case almost every second time.


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Can you show us the code that causes the problem?

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Hi andrew,

actually, I cann’t give you some small source code that’s producing this error. It occours only in our main application in connection with cdda decoding. I’ll do my best to write a small example that’s reproducing this issue. Actually, I am not quite sure if I get it to crash without that much interaction like in my main application.

with kind regards

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