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I just want to ask, if anybody was able yet to integrate FMOD into the MS Visual C# Express 2005, cause i am not.

It seems any VS6 dll won’t work / can’t be referenced.


Well i have "played" a little bit with FMODs API but didn’t get any result.
Even the examples doesn’t work on MSVC#Express. It is disappointing, since FMOD seems to be a very good API… Possibly i am too stupid, since i never coded C++ (only c and java, and now c#)


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I’m using it right now.
Make sure you are using FMODex.

Add the wrappers that are located in the following directory to your project:
"Program Files\FMOD Programmers API Win32\api\csharp"

Then copy the dll’s in this folder:
"\FMOD Programmers API Win32\api"
to your Windows\System32 Directory.

You can’t reference the dll’s because they are unmanaged code. Visual Studio will use the wrappers to communicate with the FMOD dll’s.

Good luck.

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Thanks. I hope the *.dll will become managed sometimes. At the moment, only the samples work. In a custom Project, VC#2005 EE throws "The Namespace FMOD already contains a defintion for ‘…’ from the fmod.cs wrapper, when debugging…


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