21/12/06 4.06.01 – Stable release update

  • Fix C# header errors.
  • Fix Channel::setChannelGroup wiping out Channel::set3DAttributes for 1 frame.
  • Fix PS3 SPURS support.

  • Make Sound::lock return FMOD_ERR_SUBSOUNDS instead of FMOD_ERR_INTERNAL
    when trying to lock a parent sound which has no data and just contains sub

This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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Playing particular remote files appears to be broken. I tested this in an earlier build and it works fine. Shoutcast seems to work fine, its just files on some servers no longer works.

To reproduce simply fire up ripnetstream example with the following url: http://www.r2.com.au/teststream/TestStreamTags.mp3

In an earlier version of ripnetstream it works fine, including retrieving tags. In this version it fails with FMOD_OPENSTATE_ERROR

Cliff :)

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I dont think there is a problem with fmod here.

(from winamp file info)
Size: 189837 bytes
Header found at: 27123 bytes

netstream example has ‘ignoretags’ so it simply scans for 4k and finds no mpeg header, and fails with FMOD_ERR_FORMAT.

If you have FMOD_MPEGSEARCH enabled it will keep looking.

Also if you do have tag support enabled, it works off harddisk, but fails from the net with a ‘cant seek’ error which makes enough sense, but i’ll check into that to see if it can be worked around.

edit: ok the cpp version has ignoretags specified by accident, when the C version doesnt, must have been a test. Doing that causes that seek error, so i changed some code internally to make it succeed and the stream plays fine.

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