i’m using fmod through the native bindings provided by lwjgl.

while using (the java equivalent of):

some .wav files return with an error FMOD_ERR_FILE_FORMAT designating an ‘unknown file format’. the files that it has trouble loading play fine in many other players (WMP, VLC, flash).

there does not appear to be any difference in the audio format between the working .wav files and the not working .wav files (mono, 16bit, 11Khz, PCM).

things i’ve tried:
converting all wav files to mixer rate (48Khz) as well as other various rates (11Khz, 22Khz, 44.1Khz)
converting all wav files to various bit depths (32bit, 32bit float)

any ideas on further things to try, possible solutions, or at least a way to gather more information about whats going wrong inside fmod? fmod has been known to ‘overwrite’ error codes as it works its way back up the call tree…

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