Hello all,

I’m trying to use FMODex with Crytek’s Far Cry to build a ‘global’ adaptive music system for first person shooters.

Since this is my first experience with FMOD, i needed a lot of time to build a wrapper around it to be accessible to my collegue’s work in Far Cry. My first try was to build a main loop construction, much like the examples of FMOD. This was a resonable succesfull build.

After the first build i rebuild it to 1 class first, ending up to 12 classes (9 normal, 2 templates and 1 singleton class) to create an OO FMOD environment which interacts with Far Cry. Beside that interaction it should also open a ‘lab’ for future students who will be involved in this subject.

This build has one major problem: I built this version on my laptop, where this build works. When me and my collegue tried to interleave this project with Far Cry, we first ended up with 97 errors, though those were quickly resolved. However, the mp3’s which are imported do not seem to load on any other computer than my laptop. Also when the executable is built, that executable doesn’t load the mp3’s like my laptop does.

The program works as follows:
* a MediaPlayer is being initialised @ the start, where FMOD is initialised.
* that MediaPlayer is creating a ‘matrix’ of 3 dimensional vector, which is derived from a template (Table.h)
* the MediaPlayer is recieving commands from the keyboard and rearranges them to usable variables (this is a ‘dummy’ in my programming, since its gonna replaced by interpretations of serveral Far Cry variables)
* MediaPlayer is getting into an update loop, where it is being checked if an audiochange is requested and acts accordingly.

All in all, i’m getting really frustrated by seeing nothing wrong inside the code (it works on my laptop, not bugfree though ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and therefore looking for a friendly hand on this forum :) . If you are interested: Can you check if the code works on your computer and maybe can you find what’s causing the problem that it only works on my laptop and not on 3 other computers.

The project is built in MS VC++ 7.0 (mp3’s are not provided, pm me if you would like them. you can also put 7 files in the directory and rename them to testfileN.mp3 (where N > 0 && N < 8 ).

Location of Project:

So, if you please can help me, i’d be much obliged.

PS: if my english seems rather rubbish, sorry for that :)

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have changed my post to more info instead of frustration ๐Ÿ˜‰

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