im going to implement some music recognition method to play a bit with C# :). It requires spectrum analysis of an audio recording, to be more specific:
1) FFT with Hanning-window,
2) FFT window size of 1024,
3) and window stride of 64 for subsequent FFT spectrum frames – in other words, each N+1 getSpectrum call shall return me an FFT of Nth call window + 64 samples.

I could see from examples and documentation for FMOD, that 1) and 2) are granted in FMOD, but i have some doubts about item 3. I know FMOD can do FFT in non-realtime/non-sound mode. But i could not see anywhere if i can set a stride somehow. Im wondering what range of data will feed getSpectrum call if i call system.Update() first. Will it move the FFT window by its size (so N call took for example samples from input stream from range 1024-2048, and N+1 call will take 2048-3072)? or is it configurable ?

Thanks in advance

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