We’ve updated our library version to recent FMODEX 4.06.04. The EventSystem’s load interface seems to be changed, especially EVENT_LOADINFO struct is introduced.
The problem is that, if we used the encryption key in the fmod designer(recent version), the load operation seems to work inappropriately. Everything was okay in the previous version(I can’t remeber the exact one, but before the time EVENT_LOADINFO is added) even if I used the encryption key. In the new FMODEX, the load itself returns fmod_ok, but the subsequent getevent operation returns INVALID_FORMAT error code, and we can hear no sound at all :( We tested using the event player, logging version of fmod as well.
I’m sure the big mistake exists in the FMOD event system’s load function. For example, fmod might omit the encryption key passed to the load function. (Did fmodex actually pass the encryptionkey in EVENT_LOADINFO to the actual decrpytion function? I think it doesn’t) With no excryption key, we are all happy. 😡
So for the tommorow’s big patch, we’ve turned off the encryption key temporarily. Need your help, thx.

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