In my game I am adding a reverb to each channel that is playing. After it gets up above about 20-30 sounds with reverb on them (I’m using the preset "FMOD_PRESET_AUDITORIUM") I start to see the performance drop significantly from 1-10ms per frame up to anywhere between 10-35+ms as well as artifacts on the sounds that are playing. I’m talking about the time for my audio code to update only, normally the number is below 1ms when there are very few sounds playing, and that may or may not include the fmod threads… probably not.

What is the expected performance of FMOD if there are that many channels playing with reverb all at once? I was hoping to get around 64 sounds with reverb playing on them at once.

The artifacts I’m hearing could be because the framerate is dipping down really low (<20fps…) when the audio starts to gobble up the precious CPU time.

(FYI – I create exactly as many DSP objects as I have channels (64) to play on and just detach and re-attach them to new channels as I get them from System::playSound).


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