30/01/07 4.06.06 – Stable release update

  • Mac – Fixed hang when using certain multi-channel FireWire devices.
  • Event API – Fixed Vista networking issue

  • Wii – Changed "remotespeakeroffifnosound" member in FMOD_WII_INFO to
    ‘muteremotespeakerifnosound’. If this member is set, the remote speaker
    will now be muted when no sounds are playing rather than switched off.

This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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I’ve only just recently added support for playing CD Audio to my Audio Player project. Now that its been added, I’m getting reports of quite a few crashes and have been able to reproduce it in a debug build.

The problem is that it appears to be crashing in the Fmod dll and only when playing CD Audio tracks.

I’ve reported it in this thread as I’ve recently upgraded to this version of the dll and am not sure if it happens in previous versions or just this version.

One of the callstacks looks like the following:

[code:2z38rfk4]> fmodex.dll!10059645()
ntdll.dll!77f58a3a() [/code:2z38rfk4]

The other seems to simply contain

[code:2z38rfk4]> ntdll.dll!77f580db() [/code:2z38rfk4]

The other threads don’t have anything useful so I assume it is within this one.

Brett, if you could take a look using a debug version of Fmod, perhaps you can see what is going wrong.

To reproduce please do the following:

Download the Beta version of my player from -> http://www.r2.com.au/downloads/files/be … 1.0b70.exe

After installing, insert an Audio CD and add all the tracks (can be done by dragging and dropping the .cda files onto the playlist or by dragging and dropping the CD drive onto the player/playlist).

Crash #1 ->
Now start playing the CD Audio tracks. Right click on the Interface and choose ‘Configure Xion’. Switch to the Output Tab. Then play around with the device, Output Driver and Speaker setup drop downs. There will be a short pause as each changes because it shuts down Fmod, then starts it back up, reloading the CD Audio track. After a couple of times, it appears to crash in Fmod.

Crash #2 ->
Now start playing the CD Audio tracks. Click next each time the track starts playing. After a couple of Next clicks, it will crash.

If this is caused by something I am doing incorrectly, then please let me know, but from what I can see its very similar to what I’ve always been doing, other than now I’m playing a sub sound. When I release, I release both the sound that was created with createStream as well as the sound that was created when getSubSound is called.

Thanks for your time :)

Cliff :)

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Any news on a fix for this?

Cliff :)

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Have you been able to reproduce and/or fix this?


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