After checking this forum for those getting error on fmodce.dll not found or not working.

It’s best to set the steps clearer of how to place ‘fmodce.dll’ correctly in directory for emulator and in device. It’s really doesn’t helpful to tell us that fmodce.dll should be placed in application and in emulator. The question is that with so many directories and files in project and VS, where is the exact directory to place in ?

Assuming I am using Visual Studio 2005,

1) If I going to use PocketPC2003 for development, Is those version of fmod correct ?

Version downloaded: fmodapi375ce.zip

For emulator: fmodapi375ce\api\wce4\emuv4\fmodce.dll

For device:

1) Next where is the exact directory should I place the fmodce.dll emulation version in Visual Studio 2005 directory ?

For example, is it in
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\SmartDevices\Emulators\DeviceEmulator ?
I try to put it there and still it could find it and place in c:\windows\system32, neither could it find it. In the end, I litter fmodce.dll everywhere I could place, and still it couldn’t locate it. Is fmodce.dll playing hide and seek with VS 2005 ?

Where should I place the fmodce.dll device version in PocketPC device if I running the CF application ? Is it at same directory of the exe application ?

Thank. I believe if the above is clearer to us mortal being, fmod will be a joy and popular to use.
I spend countless hours try to get fmod to be recognised by Vs 2005, but yet to get it to work. That’s frustrating. I sure many newies face the same problems

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