We are considering FMOD as our next sound system (as we have to play some 3D-sounds) but we have questions about performances.
We need to control precisely some sequences of sounds and do not want to have gap or unexpected overlapping.
(we use MIDI commands and SF2 banks and this control works very well)

Does FMOD achieve those things without special attention to thread priority ?
or do we have to plan specific system developments to be sure ?

How to do to reduce FMOD CPU overhead ? (our sound system works on a machine that treat already a lot of other related things ;
we do not want to explode our software architecture of course !)


[Target OS : Windows XP now, and Vista soon]

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Yes, FMOD can do steamless stitched audio. FMOD must be used from a single foreground thread – it handles all background tasks itself, and does so quite well.

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