First of all let the say that I think it’s great that you guys have helped out “the little guy” by letting hobbyists use FMOD for free. It’s a great product and I hope your company does well with it.

I am working on a not-for-profit hobby game with a few friends and we are planning to use FMOD. We do not plan to ever sell the game. However, we want to enter the game into a contest in order to give more exposure to the game. There are possible cash prizes in the contest, though we doubt we will win them, nor is that our reason for entering. Despite all of that, the possibility is still there.

Are we required to purchase a license to enter this game into the contest? If so, which one? Shareware doesn’t seem appropriate since we are not selling the game, so would we end up needing a One Product license? What if we are not required to purchase a license but DID win a cash prize?

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