Hi all – i just installed FMOD, and have a basic question on how to play and record multible sounds syncronized as tight as possible (sample accurate preferable).
Since i’m doing an music program, small perfomance audiosequenser for my band, with multible "reels" looping in sync:

How do one as accurrate as possible, play multiple sounds in synch?

Imagine having theese individual sounds from a recording you want to play simultaniously to form a complete performance:

guitar 1
guitar 2
vocal 1
vocal 2
vocal 3

My next question is an natual extension to this.

How do i record a new sound or overdub into one existing sound, and having it play back in synch with the others as i finish recording?

It should do as many audio-sequensers. Start, stop playing and recording at a fixed beat in a messure, so i guess i’m thinking some kind of eventdriven mechanism, with a metronome object fireing start messure events. But I don’t now.

I’d be very happy if someone with the nessesary experience with FMOD, could explain the basic setup for these syncronication issues.
I’m using VS C#.

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