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Just wondering how people are dealing with multiple designers working on one project. In the past, we had multiple projects (>150) for a project, but seeing as how grossly inefficient this is, I was wondering if anyone else has a better solution out there. We are now looking into building 1 project for the entire game and using nested event groups in place of the numerous fdp files. The major issue with this is that it makes it more difficult for more than 1 designer to be working on the project at the same time. The "Merge" function in FMOD isn’t a true merge tool like in a source control program and only copies from one project into another, but does not allow for diffing, resolving conflicts, etc. The only forseeable solution would be to merge the fdp file in Perforce (since it’s just a text file essentially), but doing this is also still a big risk, especially when the fdp is the only one in your project. Anyone else have any ideas? thanks.

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