16/04/07 4.07.12 – Dev release update

  • Fix FMOD_ERR_CHANNEL_STOLEN error message being displayed, among other possible
    bugs when mixing streams/samples.
  • Wii/GC/PSP/PS2 – Fixed corrupt sound at the start of a multichannel stream, if
    it is created while another multichannel stream is currently playing.
  • Fixed extreme 3d velocities being passed into FMOD commands causing mixer crash.
  • Fix rare DSPConnection::mix/mixAndRamp crash.
  • Delphi header fixes.
  • Fixed non-blocking fsb streams flushing twice and Xbox360 XMA hang.
  • Fixed recording in PCM8 and PCMFLOAT formats.
  • Fixed access violation in Channel::stop if channel source is an oscillator
  • Fixed multichannel mp3 playing silent channels on non ps3 platforms.
  • Event API – Fixed resource management bugs.
  • Event API – Fixed EventParameter::setVelocity causing problems when called from
    event callback


This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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I noticed that there’s a new WASAPI output mode for Windows Vista, but I didn’t see anything about it in the revision.txt. Is this in and working?


  • Guy
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We’ve got it working but its not out publically yet because it wont build with vc6 (only vs2005) and this isnt acceptable to us.

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