First of all I’m sorry about my English

I have two questions;

1) I’m trying to use the GetSpectrum Function under the VB.NET, like I use in VB6, but i’m with some problems.

I make:

Dim spcData(512) as single

Private Sub DrawSpec

‘<The rest of the code comes here>

End Sub

In VB.NET, this function return always the same result, or very closest results (I call the sub from a timer control).
I think that the problem is on the CopyMemory function, once VB.NET don´t support “As Any”, and I don’t know what Data Type use in this function (I use Single on the first parameter, String on the second and Integer on the third) . How can I do that under VB.NET?

2) I start making programs under C#, there is any Class on the internet so I can use the FMOD 3.75 in C#?

Thanks very much,


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