considering purchasing commercial license for FMODex but I have some questions first.

[b:mnm56hf8]Application Description :[/b:mnm56hf8]
I have custom hardware interface with >= 8 inputs and >= 8 outputs. All are 24bit 96Khz. What I need is to mix/route streams for different inputs to different outputs.[b:mnm56hf8]But[/b:mnm56hf8], I need to apply DSPs on [b:mnm56hf8]individual[/b:mnm56hf8] channels. One example could be something like a standard mixing board with aux send busses.

[b:mnm56hf8]Questions :[/b:mnm56hf8]
Can I use "system.recordstart" to record on different channels or sounds(more than one at a time)?

If so can I map , for example , inputs 5 & 6 to Left and right(chan 1&2) of a stereo sound?

If not can I setup a sound (using createsoundexinfo structure) with 8 channels to record on. but then how would I apply, let's say an echo dsp, to only channel 5 & 6.

I see that "setspeakerlevels" would let me take one mono stream and set it to only one or more outputs at the soundcare(or my hardware interface) but what if I want set inputs levels going into a sound. for example, my user created 8 channel soundA -> using channels 5&6 -> into channels 1&2 of stereo soundB.

ideally I would write an architecture with three sections
[:mnm56hf8]input mixer/router mapping input channels to sounds[/:m:mnm56hf8]
[:mnm56hf8]middle section using FMOD channels, sounds, groups and DSPs as normal[/:m:mnm56hf8]
[:mnm56hf8]output mixer/router mapping/routing individual groups to selected output channels[/:m:mnm56hf8][/list:u:mnm56hf8]

A real life abstract example:
one guitar , stereo signal from CD deck , a microphone, and an IPOD playing MP3s (stereo). And 2 stereo otputs.
‘x>’ is the input channel number

1>guitar —mono soundB—-reverb—-\
2>CD left \ >group ‘roomA mix’ -> to output channels 1&2
>stereo soundA — paramEQ–/
3>CD right /

4>mic —–mono soundC —some DSP—–\
5>MP3 left \ >group’roomB mix’ ->to output channels 3&4
>stereo soundD–some DSP—-/
6>MP3 right /



I originally considered using directshow but need to use managed C#(directshownetlib not adquate).

I don’t know if FMODex is capable of this. If anyone has sugestions or ideas it would be greatly appreciated.

what are the maximum # of input channels supported (assuming unlimited available in hardware) ?
And if my hardware supports 192Khz will FMOD also?

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