Hello all!

I just found this wonderful FMOD Ex world today while looking for a multimedia API usable from Python. Looks really good! :-)

I’ve downloaded and built PySonicEx, which seems to be the only Python bindings for FMODEx, as it doesnt seem to exist in a precompiled distribution.

But I have a problem in that it randomly crashes Python ( for no apparent reason. The following simple code worked for a while, but now it crashes Python more often than not on the System_Create call.

import time, pySonicEx as psx
s = psx.System_Create()
snd = s.CreateStream("test.flac", mode=psx.SOFTWARE)
x = snd.Length
pprint (x)
c = s.PlaySound(snd)

The crash occurs in _filbuf.c in the MS C runtime, and the stack at that point has various fmodx.dll and PySonicEx.dll (the Python wrapper) addresses on it.

The problem is that I cant debug this any further due to the FMOD Ex source not being available. I can’t attack it from the upper (Python) level as I haven’t a clue how Python works internally and that’s way too big a job.

Can anyone help? Or, does anyone have a Python wrapper that’s known to work with the current FMOD Ex API/DLL?


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