I have a lava sound looping in the background,
[code:9yr8v4m7]result = system->createSound(filename.c_str(), FMOD_3D | FMOD_LOOP_NORMAL, 0, &audioList[nrOfAudios].sound);[/code:9yr8v4m7]
it works perfectly until
[code:9yr8v4m7]result = system->update();[/code:9yr8v4m7]
then it just stops!


I figured it might has to do with the position of the sound and listener. I’ll be back with further information.

yeah, that seemed to be the problem! thank’s a lot! ;D

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Where are you calling the system::update ? This has to be done on the same thread that created the fmod system.
What’s the result after stop?

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