This changelist is big. We’re pushing 4.07 dev branch to 4.08 stable in the next version after some intensive testing.


5/06/07 4.07.17 – Dev release update

  • Removed the "Spawn Intensity" sound definition property and re-introduced
    the minimum and maximum spawn time properties. The spawn intensity layer
    effect now scales the average spawn time by (1 / (envelope value))
  • Added new error code, FMOD_ERR_EVENT_MISMATCH, which is returned when a FSB
    file doesn’t matched a FEV file.
  • Added ‘name’ and ‘index’ to EventSystem::getReverbPresetByIndex /
    EventSystem::getReverbPreset to allow user to get id from name, and vice
  • Speed up in FMOD memory allocation routines.
    • Speed up in System::update when virtual voices swap. CriticalSections
      removed so performance increase should be significant in this case.
  • Added FMOD_INIT_VOL0_BECOMES_VIRTUAL. Any voices with volume or audibility
    of 0 will go virtual automatically!
  • Sped up MP3 decoding about 25%.
  • Added FMOD_ERR_FILE_DISKEJECTED and stopped the main thread hanging when
    the cd was ejected. The load functions now return this error. Only
    supported on Wii at the moment.
  • Added Channel::setInputChannelMix / getInputChannelMix. Now a user can
    easily set the incoming levels of a multichannel sound, to set volumes of
    subchannels for things like interleaved multichannel music etc.
  • Event API – Added "playingevents" to FMOD_EVENT_SYSTEMINFO. Get a list of
    all playing events in the event system.
  • Event API – Added FMOD_EVENT_INIT_FAIL_ON_MAXSTREAMS. Events will fail
    with an error if this init flag is specified and "Max streams" was reached
    when playing streamed banks.
  • Event API – Added the "Channel Mix" effect, providing control over the
    incoming levels of multichannel sounds in an event layer.

  • Fixed Sound::getLength with FMOD_TIMEUNIT_PCMBYTES, when using a

  • Fixed Reverb::get3DAttibutes / EventReverb::get3DAttibutes not returning a
    valid value in maxdistance.
  • Fixed a crash if user ran out of memory while loading a .ogg file.
  • Fixed a crash if user ran out of memory while opening a stream.
  • Fixed XMA timeout on very small .xma files when /l option was used with
  • Fixed rare stack corruption when using FMOD_NONBLOCKING
  • Fixed FSB with mp3 data and mono/stereo sounds in the same FSB causing mono
    sounds to play at double pitch.
  • Fixed Sound::seekData not resetting codec properly, so causing an audible
  • Small quality fix to FMOD_DSP_LOWPASS_SIMPLE filter.
  • Fix buzzing noise in mixer after using Channel::setChannelGroup with reverb.
  • Fixed FMOD_INIT_SOFTWARE_HRTF not respecting Channel::set3DPanLevel.
  • Wii – fix sleep function leaking and causing hang in streamer after a long time.
  • Fixed logic behind System::set3DRolloffCallback when Channel::set3DMinMaxDistance
    is called. Bug was that volumes were set/calculated incorrectly.
  • Fix timing in mod/s3m/xm/it playback.
  • Fixed virtual voice priority not updating if its ChannelGroup volume changed.
  • Event API – Fixed projects with waves that were 2d and 3d not loading.
  • Event API – Wii – Fixed certain events not stopping when Event::stop is called.
  • Event API – Wii – Fixed certain looping events stopping by themselves when
    they shouldn’t be.
  • Event API – Wii – Fix crash when using GCADPCM wavebanks.
  • Event API – Fixed problem where stolen events with non-zero "Fadeout"
    would still be playing after they were stolen.
  • Event API – Fixed event "Max playbacks behaviour" "Just fail if quietest"
    sometimes not working as expected.
  • Event API – Fixed disc access occuring sometimes even though registerMemoryFSB
    was used.
  • Event API – Fixed events with fade in / fade out not calling
  • Event API – Fixed file handle leak in streamed banks.
  • Event API – If user mixed up FEV and FSB files, now returns
    FMOD_ERR_EVENT_MISMATCH instead of crashing.

  • .FEV file format updated! FMOD Designer 1.07.17 requires FMOD version 4.06.20,
    4.07.17 or higher.

    when an event is stopped by the user or naturally.
  • Updated FLAC to 1.1.4 to better support certain files.
  • Changed FMOD_CHANNEL_CALLBACKTYPE_END to trigger when Channel::stop is called,
    and also when a sound steals that voice and stops it.

This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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Seems to play 4-5 db louder than the stable branch.

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When inside a reverb and within the ‘3d min distance’ the sound seems much quieter than then when not in reverb.

Tested this with a 20-10000 setup, being 14 away from the source.

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This is unlikely, you’re going to be more precise than this and make sure you’re not just encountering phasing from reverb or something. The mixing is exactly the same as before.

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HRTF was turned on, the map/level data is the same and do not get the same volume levels in stable. I’ll see if I can replicate in a small app, if I have time.

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System->createCodec(FMOD_CODEC_DESCRIPTION *) don’t work with 4.07.17 (Windows/Linux). It was working well with 4.07.13.
Can you take a look at this ?

I’ve got also some troubles under Linux (only with the FMOD Ex 32 bit version, no problems with the 64 bit version). The call of system->release block my application and I can’t exit. The only way to exit is to kill the process.
My Linux distribution is knoppix.

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[quote="jouvieje":2h2br9sb]System->createCodec(FMOD_CODEC_DESCRIPTION *) don’t work with 4.07.17 (Windows/Linux). It was working well with 4.07.13.
Can you take a look at this ?

Thanks, looks like a bad merge occurred in 4.07.16 which introduced this problem i’ve fixed it for the next release.

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