Hi All,

I think I’ve come across a problem in the ‘music’ mixer override feature for XB360.

Currently it is possible to pause the music tracks a program plays by the FMod system pausing the tracks, when an XB360 user selects their own music to play through their profile.

This works great when your already playing a track.. when the user stops their music, the normal track will unpause and carry on.


any track that is started WHILE the user music is playing will be immediately paused, but NOT unpaused after the user music is stopped.

Is there any way I can determine if this override is active and try and force the track out of the pause state once the override stops?

or possibly a patch to the FMOd code to unpause the tracks if they start off unpaused (or are paused at start but are unpaused while the user music is on.) ??



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I’ve fixed this now and it will be available in the next dev branch release.

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