22/06/07 4.06.22 – Stable release update

  • Added ChannelGroup::set/getPaused, ChannelGroup::set/getMute. These
    are different to override as now any new channels added to the group will
    respect the group’s pause / mute state instead of ignoring it.

  • Fixed Sound::setSubSound crash if the parameter was a stream.

  • Fixed crash when changing FMOD echo dsp parameters in low memory situation.
  • Fixed crash when using nested channelgroups and using System::close.
  • XBox360 – Fix small streams not buffering when FSB and
    FMOD_CREATESOUNDEXINFO::initialsubsound was used.
  • XBox360 – Fixed "music" category not being paused properly in some cases if
    dashboard music is playing before "music" has started playing.
  • PS3 – Fix SPURS only hang when calling Channel::setPosition on an MPEG voice.
  • Event API – PS3 – Fixed Event::getInfo returning incorrect values for the
    positionms member of FMOD_EVENT_INFO structure.


This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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In this release (or from .21?), after a call like
[code:1zr29gb7]FMOD_Channel_GetPosition(fmod_chn, &position_ms, FMOD_TIMEUNIT_SENTENCE_MS);[/code:1zr29gb7]
position_ms don’t contains the correct current position if, when current playing subsound in a sentence change, I replace the old ended subsound with a new one (successive GetPosition returns a wrong value, not a value near the beginning of the new subsound currently playing).

Before the fix at this problem: , GetPosition returns value was right (but no seek).

Example, with these subsounds: s1: 3min, s2: 4min, s3: 5min;

sentence: s1, s2 -> play s1 -> s1 end -> play s2 -> replace s1 with s3 -> current position of the sentence is, for example, 3:01 (and current s2 position is [3:01 – 3:00 = 1 second]), but GetPosition returns 1 second only after 5:01 (because s3 length is 5min).

This is a bug or my wrong interpretation of FMOD_TIMEUNIT_SENTENCE_MS?

Mac OS X 10.4.10 Intel.

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