When compiling my app to use fmoddyn’ I get the following warnings

[code:1bbt49oq]./include/FMOD/fmod.h:45: warning: forward declaration of ‘struct FSOUND_STREAM’
./include/FMOD/fmod.h:48: warning: forward declaration of ‘struct FMUSIC_MODULE’

And anywhere I declare something as one of those, I get:

[code:1bbt49oq]my_fmod_header.h:22: warning: ‘ActiveStream’ has incomplete type[/code:1bbt49oq]

ActiveStream being the name of my FSOUND_STREAM pointer.

The #include "fmoddyn.h" is at the top of the header file, before the declarations.

Any idea whats going on?


It seems that, for some odd reason the above errors were caused because I tried to [b:1bbt49oq]delete[/b:1bbt49oq] the streams, instead of free/close them. Why that would result in a compiler warning about forward declarations, I dont know, but I solved it, so if anyone else gets this problem, thats the solution.

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