hi i’m using visual studio 2005 and i just downloaded fmod ex and am trying to create it.
according to the docs, i need to type this

FMOD_RESULT System_Create(
FMOD::System ** system

but when i do i get an error saying:
[quote:d6235lu6]error C2653: ‘FMOD’ : is not a class or namespace name[/quote:d6235lu6]
i’ve added the fmod api’s include directory and lib directory to my paths in visual studio.

i added [quote:d6235lu6]fmodvc.lib [/quote:d6235lu6]
to the command line but when i try to build i get that error. can someone please help?

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you’re supposed to declare an FMOD::System object first then pass that to the function, not re-type the prototype.

Look at the examples for how they do it.


FMOD::System *system;

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ok thanks.
i’ll do that. it turns out that i was reading a tutorial for 3.47 not EX. but i’m gonna need the virtual channels, so i will have a look at it.

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