I wanted to know if it is possible to use FSOUND_DSP_MixBuffers in my stream dsp’s.
The problem is that the destination buffer will always be in the current output format, but streams need their data in the same format as the source buffer.

I also need this for changing pitch, and I think fmod’s routines are far more optimized then what I could write myself.

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As you might know from previous posts I am trying to get all the functionality I want and get it in sync.

Since mixing hardware and software streams doesn’t sync very well, and software streams can’t be send to the rear output of the soundcard, I have to use hardware streams.
The problem with hardware streams is that I can’t save the final mixed down output, because hardware streams don’t pass through the dsp.
It also means I can’t use the spectrum analyser.

So I decided to try and create 4 user streams (one in each corner) and mix in these streams my own data that I buffer from other (silent) streams.
If I would be able to do the mixing myself I could also save the mixed down data (but only from the front output) if I wanted to.

If I would change the frequency of these 4 streams, it would mean the frequency of all streams is changed.

Of course I don’t know how difficult it would be to add a parameter for the output mode for FSOUND_MixBuffers.

Another thing I was wondering about is if GetSpectrum would someday be available per channel, in the same way you can ask the VU now.

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