2/08/07 4.07.20 – Dev release update

  • Added FMOD_SPEAKER_SBL/FMOD_SPEAKER_SBR to make it clearer what speakers are
    being addressed on PS3. (On PS3, extra 2 speakers in 7.1 are located behind
    the listener instead of to the sides like on PC).
  • Added FMOD_OPENSTATE_STOPPING to denote that even though Channel::stop has
    been called on a stream, it is not actually stopped because the stream thread
    has not finished with it.
  • Added ability to call System::getNumHardwareChannels before System::init.
  • Added SoundGroup::setVolume, SoundGroup::getVolume, SoundGroup::stop.
  • Event API – Added get/setUserData functions to all Event API classes
  • Event API – Decreased memory usage/fragmentation.
  • Event API – Optimized .fev file format.
  • Event API – Added FMOD_EVENTPROPERTY_3D_POSRANDOMIZATION to specify a random
    deviation in the 3D position of an event.
  • Event API – Added "Max playbacks" and "Max playbacks behavior" for event
    categories: If too many events are playing in a category when
    Event::start is called, an event is stopped according to "Max
    playbacks behavior"
  • Xbox360 – Added support for XMA FSBs built without seek tables to save memory.
  • FSBank – Added the ability to disable seek table generation for XMA banks
    with the FSBANK_BUILD_DISABLESEEKING build flag.
  • FSBank – Added the ability to override XMA filtering per waveform with the
    new FSBANK_SAMPLE_DEFAULTS.buildflags member and the
  • FSBank – Added the ability to disable syncpoint writing for wavebanks
  • FSBank – Added the ability to specify source files from the command line.
  • FSBank – Added the ability to enable sample rate optimization via the GUI
    and command line.

  • Fixed hang if System::close was called directly after System::init in
    rare cases.

  • Fixed soundgroup causing a channelsteal but not calling channel end callback
    for the stolen channel.
  • Fixed soundgroup crash.
  • Fixed Channel::isPlaying returning true from within channel end callback.
  • Fixed Sound::getName not working on streamed FSB file subsounds.
  • Removed stall when starting and stopping a stream.
  • Fixed reverb when switched on, then off with FMOD_PRESET_OFF
  • Fix channel not inheriting channelgroup properties (volume etc) when using
  • Remove stall from Sound::release, System::createChannelGroup.
  • Win32 / Linux – Fix crackle when multiple system objects were used.
  • Win32 – Fix multichannel streams not coming out of speakers correctly thanks
    to bad directsound behaviour. Directsound only.
  • Win32 – Fixed WASAPI and OpenAL output modes causing a crash if stopped
    before they are initialised.
  • Win32 – Fixed WASAPI pitch issue when Windows mix format didn’t match the
    FMOD default or user specified value.
  • Win32 – Fixed mono recording for WASAPI output mode.
  • Mac x86 – Fixed CDROM support, playback is no longer static noise.
  • Mac – Fixed FSBankLib, it now produces correct FSBs on Mac PowerPC.
  • Mac – Fixed crash during CoreAudio driver enumeration.
  • FSBank – Fixed FSBs being built having a default channel priority of 255
    rather than the correct default of 128.
  • FSBank – Fixed non-sound files being added to file list based on file
  • Fixed System::getAdvancedSettings sometimes returning too many ASIO channels
  • PS3 – Fix pcm voices returning FMOD_ERR_CHANNEL_ALLOC after 32 instances.
  • PS3 – Fix error being returned when loading interleaved streams of greater
    than 6 channels. A maximum of 8 channels is allowed for PS3.
  • PS3 – Fixed hang in stream SPU thread if only 1 SPU is available due to SPU
    thread not swapping.
  • PS3 – Fix memory still being allocated into MRAM rather than the given VRAM
    pool when FMOD_LOADSECONDARYRAM is specified.
  • PS3 – Fixed reverb tails not sounding when a sound stops playing.
  • Xbox 360 – Fix music TRC issue with new game tracks starting in nested
    channelgroups/categories after music in dashboard had started.
  • Event API – Fixed threading issues. Hangs/crashes if FMOD_EVENT_NONBLOCKING
    was used.
  • Event API – "Just fail if quietest" was always stealing if "Max playbacks" = 1
  • Event API – "Just fail if quietest" wasn’t taking into account event volume or
    category volume.
  • Event API – Fixed FMOD_ERR_EVENT_MAXSTREAMS sometimes being returned even
    though less than "Max streams" had been created.
  • Event API – Fixed Event::getInfo returning incorrect projectid
  • Event API – Fixed FMOD_EVENT_CALLBACKTYPE_SOUNDDEF_RELEASE sometimes not being
  • Event API – Fixed problem with events with no parameters

  • PS3 – Fixed occasional hang when rapidly starting up and shutting down FMOD.

  • Fixed performance spikes with virtual voices in System::update().
  • Wii – Fixed System::setSpeakerMix not working correctly.
  • Mac/Vista – Fixed rare recording crash.
  • Fixed setPosition on MPEG streams not always working correctly.
  • Wii – Fixed stall when calling Channel::setPaused.
  • Wii – Fixed no sound every playing out of 4th controller when
    "muteremotespeakerifnosound" is set.

  • FMOD_NONBLOCKING now affects Channel::stop / Event::stop for streaming sounds.

  • Changed sounds that go virtual upon playback, to delay their playback instead
    of cutting off the start of the sound.
  • XBox360 – Worked around XDK bug with Xbox Music Player notification, by
    changing technique and functions used to detect dashboard music.
    Should work now even with the broken XDK.
  • FSBank – Changed the FSBank_Build function signature. All the separate
    integer flag parameters have been replaced by a single buildflags
    bitfield of type FSBANK_BUILDFLAGS.
  • FSBank – Changed misspelt FSBANK_SAMPLE_DEFAULTS.optmisedratereduction
    to FSBANK_SAMPLE_DEFAULTS.optimisedratereduction
  • Mac – FMOD libraries on Mac are now distributed as universal binaries
    containing both x86 and PPC versions in one.
  • Event API – "3D Distance" parameters are now read-only.
  • PS3 – Now built with Sony SDK181.001
  • .FEV file format updated! FMOD Designer 1.07.20 requires FMOD version 4.06.23,
    4.07.20 or higher.

This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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It seems that by default FSBANK is still building with .cache files, but there is only a flag FSBANK_BUILD_COMPRESSIONCACHING to turn it on, not off.

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hey on osx intel i’m getting a linker error on "FMOD_Memory_Initialize". anyone else getting this? it was linking fine in 4.07.19 for me. everything else seems fine and plays fine though, including the event system

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I have just taken a look at the MacOSX issue and you are correct. Some of the symbols were being incorrectly stripped. We have re-uploaded version 4.07.20 of the Mac universal binary, so if you go and download it again the problem should be corrected.

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The requested URL /files/fmodapi40623win32-installer.exe was not found on this server.

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The website has recently been changed over to a fresh new one, so if you have bookmarked links to the old storage locations they will not work.

Try refreshing your browser and navigating through the menus to get the new URL for the files.

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I see…
Nice to see you added a download section for previous versions of FMOD Ex; Will you add older versions, or just start with current release? (Still got some missing releases here)

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hey i redownloaded 4.07.20, but i’m still getting the missing symbols.
specifically FMOD_Memory_Initialize. 😮

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Sorry about that, due to some naming convention changes with the new website the new Mac file was uploaded but not correctly put into the database. I have just checked now and the file is correctly online.

Just as a side note, the development branch releases for Mac (both PPC and x86) point to the same file, which is a universal binary. This is done to conform with the current website layout. Once we make the transition to the new stable branch, the two architectures will be replaced with one (universal binary).

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