02/08/07 1.07.20

  • Added the ability to set the channel mode of multichannel wavebank entries
    to "n x Mono" (all channels panned to centre) or "n x Stereo" (channels
    alternate between front left and front right) via the context menu. Channel
    modes are saved to FSB. Useful for multichannel interactive music
  • Added a "Sort alphabetically" option to the wavebank list context menu
  • Added get/setUserData functions to all Event API classes
  • Added a "Disable seeking" option for XMA wavebanks (saves memory)
  • Added an "XMA Filtering" option for XMA wavebank entries (off by default)
  • Added a "Disable seeking" option to the fsbankex utility’s XMA options
  • Added the "IMA ADPCM" format to the fsbankex utility’s Xbox 360 format list
  • Added an "Enable syncpoints" option for wavebanks (can be turned off to
    save memory if waves have syncpoints)
  • Added a build-time warning and enable/disable dialog for wavebank syncpoints
  • Added multiple select editing for wave banks in Wave bank view
  • Added the ability to add/edit/delete user properties on multiple selected
    events/event groups at once
  • Added support for pre- and post-build commands
  • Added the ability to specify a random deviation in the 3D position of an
  • Added icons for the various curve and crossfade types in the event editor
  • Major improvements to network audition. Now only builds/syncs wavebanks as
    they’re played in event editor
  • Added "Max playbacks" and "Max playbacks behavior" for event categories:
    If too many events are playing in a category when Event::start is called,
    an event is stopped according to "Max playbacks behavior"

  • Fixed "Clean project" to remove duplicate wavebank waveform entries

  • Fixed a bug where Designer didn’t save FSB volume and pan defaults correctly
  • Fixed a crash when copying & pasting a layer from an event with no parameters
  • Fixed the sound definition panel so the "Sort alphabetically" option is
    always available in the sound definition list context menu
  • Sound definition "Maximum spawned sounds" is now clamped to be at least 1
  • Fixed a bug in wavebank list file generation where duplicate entries would
    have a blank filename rather than "<duplicate>"
  • Fixed a bug where the sound definition list view would auto-expand when
    dropping a wave file on it to create a new sound definition
  • Fixed a bug where record mode kept recording after the last event in the
    record batch stopped.
  • Fixed loading from windows network shares
  • Fixed a bug where editing a text property item would move the cursor to the
    end of the item after each keystroke
  • Fixed broken cut/copy/paste in Event Category view
  • Fixed a bug where copying & pasting certain effects didn’t work
  • Fixed problem with network audition and empty wavebanks
  • Fixed events/eventgroups being allowed to have names that differ only in case
  • Fixed a bug where the Audition 3D tool didn’t update distance parameters
  • Fixed Surround Pan effect forcing wavebanks to software mode on PS2

  • Changed order of speakers in event properties

  • Changed name of 7.1 speakers in event properties from "Left/Right Surround"
    to "Left/Right Side"
  • Events created by dropping sample files onto the event screen no longer have
    a parameter added to them by default
  • The Build button is now the default button in the Build dialog
  • The Build dialog now shows a "Build aborted" messsage if the build is aborted
  • Changed FDP writing code to replace XML special characters in text
    properties with entity references
  • Changed "Optimise" to "Optimize" in the Wavebank panel for consistent use of
    American English
  • Waveform "Sample rate optimization" is now a per-platform setting
  • "Clean project" now deletes empty wave banks.
  • .FEV file format updated! FMOD Designer 1.07.20 requires FMOD version 4.06.23,
    4.07.20 or higher.


This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

See programmers API revision.txt for updates in FMOD Event runtime engine / API.

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