20/08/07 4.07.21 – Dev release update

  • PS3 – Added new pointer to CellAudioOutConfiguration member "cell_audio_config"
    to FMOD_PS3_EXTRADRIVERDATA structure. This information can be used for
    initialisation of Bink etc.
  • Optimized FSB memory consumption so it caches/shares header memory if an FSB
    is opened more than once. Can save significant memory for streams with lots of
    sounds in them.
  • Event API – Added FMOD_EVENT_STATE_STARVING. Streaming events may be playing,
    but not being fed data in time, so may be stuttering. This flag gives this


  • Fixed hang to do FMOD_NONBLOCKING, streams, FMOD_OPENSTATE_STOPPING flag
    and Sound::release.
  • Fixed remote tweaking of envelopes causing incorrect results and sometimes
    a crash.
  • Fixed loading playlists from the Internet.
  • Fixed garbage data being returned when a sync point was never given a name.
  • Fixed bug where an error was returned when trying to play an FSB that contains
    2 mono ADPCM channels interleaved (requires rebuild with fsbank).
  • Wii – Fixed voices occasionally playing with no volume.
  • Mac – Auditioning from the FMOD Designer tool is now enabled on Mac. Also an
    FMOD_Event_Net library is provided to allow remote tweaking.
  • Xbox360 – Fixed seeking not working for .xma files loaded as
  • FSBank – Fixed Designer and FSBank not supporting sounds with > 6 channels
  • PS3 – Fixed rare MPEG SPU hang when initialising FMOD.
  • Upgraded Ogg Vorbis to version 1.1.3(Ogg) / 1.20(Vorbis) to fix rare seeking
  • PS3 – Fixed memory leak in AT3 codec.
  • Xbox360 – Fixed problems when mixing XMA banks with seeking disabled and
    XMA banks with seeking enabled.
  • Win32 – Fixed a problem with Vista WASAPI output mode, initial enumeration
    should not report an error when no default input device is detected.
  • Wii – FMOD_ERR_FILE_DISKEJECTED is now returned if there is a disk retry error,
    rather than hanging.
  • PS3 – Fixed sound corruption when trying to seek a PCM voice.

  • Xbox360 – If an XMA FSB bank is built without a seek table, when seeking,
    FMOD will do a non-accurate CBR seek rather than not seeking
    at all.

This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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