hi again,

i try to make a Readcallback myself to readout the data. but now i get the error message:

FMOD error! The version number of this file format is not supported!

What Version number do i have to set?
i tried some values but cant get it working.
The error occurs on the CreateDSP!

here is my code:

[code:242h73fw] dsp_description.name:=’BPM Detect’;
dsp_description.version:= $00040106;
dsp_description.read := @dspCallBack;;

FmodSys.result := FMOD_SYSTEM_CreateDSP(playerA.system, dsp_description, dsp);
ERRCHECK (Fmodsys.result);

Thanks in advance,

btw: nobody answers every my problems or questions ;/

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i read out the version number from the system with

FmodSys.result := FMOD_System_GetVersion(FmodSys.system, FmodSys.version);

and set it like:

[code:trp3ijlr]dsp_description.version:= FmodSys.version;[/code:trp3ijlr]

but the error occurs anyhow!

hmm fmodex.dll

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anybody ever got it working and has a little piece of working code for a own dsp readcall back?
how to init and how the function should look like?

i still have these difficulties and cant do anything against it!

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What version of fmod sdk are you using? Just set it to whatever version you are using.

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