When attempting to build project using
FMOD 1.7.21
Mac OS 10.4.10
Bank type: load into memory
Compression: mp3
Build project for: PC
Build header and .lst file are not selected.

I get the error
"Build failed:Invalid compression format
Make sure FMOD Designer has access to all the .dll files that it shipped with!"

Followed by:
"Build failed: Couldn’t write wave bank to ‘Volumes/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx.fdp"

The "xxx" represent misc folders in the directory.

And Finally "Build aborted 00:03:35"

The same happens on both my PPC and Intel Macs.
The projects build fine on a PC, but I prefer to use my mac.

I’m new to FMOD, so I’ve no doubt I’m missing something.

Thanks in advance for your help,


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Currently we do not support encoding to MP3 or MP2 on the Mac version of the Designer tool. Those options should not be present and I will see to having them removed from the list in the MacOSX release.

If you prefer using your Mac for development with Designer you can do almost everything you can on a Windows PC except actually building the banks. I would suggest doing this final step on another machine.

It is unfortunate that building for different formats, including those for the consoles is unavailable on Mac, this is mainly due to the fact these encoders are external DLLs that have only been developed for Windows and are hence out of our control.

I believe there are MacOSX encoders for MP3 and MP2 that we could possibly use, this may be something that will be looked into in the future, but there is no current plans to support them.

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Thanks for the response Matthew.
I got through everything on a PC this afternoon.
I’ll take your advice and do all but the bank building on the Mac.

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