3/09/07 4.07.23 – Dev release update

  • Added initialsoundgroup to FMOD_CREATESOUNDEXINFO which is accessible via
    the soundgroup even while asynchronously loading.
  • Added FMOD_DONTRESTOREVIRTUAL to flag sounds/voices that you don’t want
    to become real again after turning virtual. (ie just let them be swapped
    out but not back in to avoid sounds coming in and out and sounding weird)
  • Event API – Added a "(heading)" parameter; any parameter with the name
    "(heading)" is automatically updated with the angle to the
    event about the listener’s up vector (-180 to 180 degrees).
  • Event API – Added a "3D Position randomization" property to sound
    definitions; sound definition instances are offset from their
    parent event by a random vector based on this value, recalculated
    each time the sound is triggered
  • Event API – Win64 build now supports network auditioning.
  • PS3 – Added extra member, "maxPCMcodecs" to the FMOD_ADVANCEDSETTINGS. This
    allows the user to set the maximum number of PCM voices (including streams)
    that can be played at once.
    This was previously set to the total number of software channels.
  • Event API – Added extra parameter, ‘loadintorsx’ to the
    EventSystem::registerMemoryFSB function. When it is set to true,
    the whole fsbdata will be copied into the RSX memory pool.

  • Fixed performance issue with FMOD_PRESET_OFF not reducing cpu usage.

  • fixed MIDI playback issue where notes would play late causing several notes to
    sound bunched together or out of place.
  • Channel::set3DOcclusion. Fixed if directocclusion was set to 1.0, but
    reverbocclusion wasn’t and the reverb mix cancelling out
    instead of being audible.
  • Fix stream related crash.
  • Fix distortion noise with certain configurations of DSP network.
  • Removed FMOD_EVENTPROPERTY_TIMEOFFSETMS as it was found to be already
  • Win32 – OpenAL – fixed previous sound being heard when an channel was reused.
  • Win32 – OpenAL – fixed crash when using non-blocking and create compressed
    sample flags without specifying hardware or software mode.
  • Win32 – WASAPI – removed an un-needed error return in certain circumstances
    when initialising WASAPI output mode for Windows Vista.
  • Win32 – WASAPI – fixed stuttering on certain Vista machines.
  • Mac – fixed MIDI playback sounding poor when using MacOSX DLS file.
  • Mac – fixed crash during MIDI playback when using MacOSX DLS file.
  • PS3 – Fixed crash when releasing a DSP Chorus unit.
  • PS3 – Fixed hang when running for extended period of time.
  • Wii – Fixed FMOD_SOFTWARE sounds being distorted/garbled when speakermode is
  • Event API – Changed EventI spawn timer handling to improve accuracy somewhat
    for small spawn times.
  • Event API – Fixed bad distance parameter calculation for head-relative events
  • Event API – Fixed automatic parameters to handle minimum > maximum correctly
  • Event API – Fix EventGroup::getState setting state to ‘loading’ forever if
    there happened to be an error creating a stream/sample in the FMOD_NONBLOCKING
  • Event API – Fixed oneshot events stopping when sounds with both
    "Wait for Previous" and "Loop and cutoff" set are still playing
  • Event API – Fixed "Wait for Previous" sounds not being updated properly
  • Mac – Fixed recording resampling problems.

  • Mac – it is no longer necessary to specify a DLS file when playing MIDI on
    MacOSX as a default has been added pointing to "gs_instruments.dls".

  • Wii – Software mixer is now driven from FMOD’s output polling mechanism rather
    than the AX callback.
  • Updated ‘virtual voices’ tutorial.
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