When I trying to play sound via ALSA driver under Linux, FMOD returns FMOD_OK and isPlaying(&playing) also returns true, [b:2dzlgp0i]but[/b:2dzlgp0i] "playing" is very fast: about 15 seconds per one real second, and CPU utitlization is about 100%! [b:2dzlgp0i]And no sound going from speakers![/b:2dzlgp0i]

And program [i:2dzlgp0i]using all CPU time[/i:2dzlgp0i] even if I call

ALSA configuration is absolutely correct – no any other program have troubles.

Ubuntu 7.04 / SUSE 10
FMOD Version: 4.06.26

Sorry for my language.

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Thanks for your bug report, this issue has been noticed by a couple of others too. Until now we have been unable to reproduce the issue as it is time sensitive but it became apparent with our new Ubuntu test machine.

The bug is now resolved and the fix will be available in our next release.

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