We’re developing a game for the Wii using FMOD 3.75. We were trying to figure out why our game was experiencing a periodic hitch and through profiling discovered that the problem was in FSOUND_Update. At the time FMOD was initialized to do streaming updates in the main thread through the FSOUND_Update function.

When I switched FMOD’s initialization over to the threaded setup for streaming the hitching went away but we get a not 100% seemingly timing related hang. The game doesn’t crash it just sits there doing nothing. When I break into the program this is the call stack:


(and sometimes but not always)


I’ve tried switching stream opening from NonBlocking to Blocking but the problem can still occur, it’s just on the main threads stack always sitting in FSOUND_Stream_OpenInternal.

I’ve tried lots and lots of things but nothing seems to work. Any ideas what can cause this and what it has to do with threaded vs non-threaded stream updating?

Note: The file trying to be streamed is a .fsb with a single GCADPCM file in it.



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