21/09/07 4.08.01 – Stable release update

  • Slight speed up in fmod’s default lowpass filter when it is set to 22khz

  • Fix hang in Sound::release if FMOD_INIT_STREAM_FROM_UPDATE was used.

  • Fix crash when loading MOD files.
  • Fix geometry system not updating occlusion properly if there was no delay
    between calls to System::update.
  • Wii – Fix sounds being played out of both the WiiMote and main speakers if a
    channel that was previously set to play out of the WiiMote is re-used
    to play a sound out of the main speakers.
  • Linux – Fix ALSA playback sometimes playing no sound, but with the sound
    position moving very fast.
  • Xbox360 – Fixed crash when loading an XMA format .fsb file compiled with
    "small sample headers".

  • Event API – FMOD_EVENT_INFO.positionms now takes into account

  • Event API – EventGroup::loadEventData now only loads waveforms referenced by
    events in the EventGroup, not the whole .fsb

This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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May the distro be currupt? fmodex.a, fmodexL.a and fmodexp.a have been created after running the installer but each file size is 0KB. Thus, I’m am not able to link against the libraries anymore. All other files have been installed correctly.


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try downloading again, seems the tools used to generate cygwin libs just exception fault on vista, so I rebuilt the archive under xp.

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