01/10/07 4.08.03 – Stable release update

  • Win32 – Changed FMOD_CAPS_HARDWARE_EMULATED to report only if user sets the
    hardware acceleration slider in XP to ‘off’ instead of just if the sound
    device doesn’t support hardware mixing. That can be checked with

29/09/07 4.08.02 – Stable release update

  • Added "recommended startup sequence" for Windows apps. Added to 3d example,
    geometry example, and Windows platform specific issues tutorial in fmodex.chm.

  • Fixed FMOD_SPEAKERMODE_SURROUND not being configured as 5.0, and
    initialization failure if this mode was selected?

  • Fix FMOD_PRESET_OFF not clearing out reverb buffers meaning you were able to
    hear some left over reverb from the old setting when it was switched back on.
  • Fix memory leak if errors occured in random places during System::createSound
    such as memory allocation failure or disk ejection.
  • Win32 – WASAPI – Fixed time sensitive crash when stopping a record.
  • Event API – Fixed EventGroup::loadEventData always returning
    FMOD_ERR_FILE_DISKEJECTED for a non-blocking load if it is called
    again after the error. You can now call EventGroup::loadEventData
    after the disk error has recovered to resume loading.
  • Event API – Fixed setting user properties when using "this_instance" = true
  • Fixed rare memory corruption issue when not using pre-alloced memory pool.
  • Event API – Fixed Event::getState only setting FMOD_EVENT_STATE_STARVING flag
    if stream is looping.
  • Fixed c# wrapper compile error.
  • Wii – Fixed crash when loading a sound as FMOD_HARDWARE and FMOD_NONBLOCKING.

  • PS3 – 7.1 to 2ch downmixing is now done using Sony’s downmixer, not FMOD’s.
    This means that "2ch LPCM, Downmix from 7.1 LPCM" should be checked
    rather than just "2ch LPCM" in PS3 Master Disc Specifications Form.
    (Please refer to FMOD docs for more information).

This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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Has something changed wrt file opening/closing. During our in-memory loading it doesn’t seem to be closing the previous file properly. (We read from packaged up data, assuming the file pointers read sequentially – I have guard data between banks)

I’ll investigate more on Monday if nothing has changed :)

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the file system hasnt been changed.

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