I have found 2 glitches playing midis. not sure if it’s a midi1 or midi0
Windows Vista Home Edition
Laptop Specs (el80)

1) Streamed or not, FMOD does not like multiple channels playing the same MIDI sound. The current channel will cause the other channel to stop… much like the description on streamed files. It’s because the default codec is set up that way!??

from the doc

[in] Tells FMOD to open the file as a stream when calling System::createSound, and not a static sample. Should normally be 0 (FALSE), because generally the user wants to decode the file into memory when using System::createSound. Mainly used for formats that decode for a very long time, or could use large amounts of memory when decoded. Usually sequenced formats such as mod/s3m/xm/it/midi fall into this category. It is mainly to stop users that don’t know what they’re doing from getting FMOD_ERR_MEMORY returned from createSound when they should have in fact called System::createStream or used FMOD_CREATESTREAM in System::createSound.

This information should be in referenced in the createSound description…
I wasted quite some time trying to figure why my sound was "acting" like a streamed sound… Turns out it was not my code (for once)

Why would a mid require streaming, when a mp3 does not? I’m curious about that one…

2) 3d channel playing a midi file with linear fading will cause a drastic pause in the application when the listener enters the ‘region’ of the channel. wav and mp3 are fine. FMOD_INIT_VOL0_BECOMES_VIRTUAL causes the problem…

Perhaps you can rethink the midi part a little

3)I would also ask for a minor change on the subject of multiple instances (channels) and streamed sounds… I would personally like to have the channel either restart the streamed file and play at the closest channel (in 3d) or possibly share the stream with other channels so they all play the same position of the same stream … Or create another stream internally… Or simply, you could provide us with a isStreamed api (or perhaps it’s somewhere in the structs already) so I can take over the restart sound responsability…

I guess, I can always use the isplaying api…

Meanwhile, here, this test/demo covers many FMOD features

4)I had to implement my own fader in the game development system I used. Perhaps it would be a good idea to add it in your stuff. Safe from the mute speed on sound groups (which I failed to use properly) Channel groups and channels should have that feature in there and perhaps other faders like a pitch fade…


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