I’m hoping someone can help me on this one…
I’m having an issue with "reverting unchanged files" in perforce. With older versions of fmod, I would revert unchanged and only those .fsb (Wave banks) that changed would be kept. After updating to fmod designer 1.9.5, when I revert unchanged, perforce thinks all the .fsb have changed (even though I know with certainty that I did not change these files).
These are the steps I take:
1. select all in the build window
2. build
3. select "revert unchanged" in perforce
4. perforce says all the fsb files were changed

With past versions of fmod, I could select all and build, and perforce would check the timestamp and show which .fsb files weren’t changed (which I then, would revert).
As a test, I can also not change anything in the designer tool or sound files, build all and perforce says the fsb files have been changed. Seeings as I didn’t do anything other than open the project and build, this is puzzling.
However… if I only build certain wave banks, then perforce is able to differentiate between altered fsb files and those that haven’t changed (which is the correct functionality).
I can only assume there’s something weird when building "all"…
I am running it on windows XP.


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Hi Adam,
The FSB format has changed slightly recently, so it it quite possible that the FSB files have actually been changed by the build process, even though you haven’t changed anything in the designer project. Have you tried using a binary diff tool to check if the FSB files have changed?


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