I use managed C# wrapper for playing mp3 files with my ASUS 636 PDA.

FMOD.PPC.Init(44100, 16, 0);
IntPtr soundStream = FMOD.PPC.GetStream(currentSoundTrack);
soundHandle = FMOD.PPC.Open(soundStream, 0x100| 0x10 | 0x40, 0, 0);

int error = FMOD.PPC.GetError();

currentSoundLength = FMOD.PPC.GetLength(soundHandle);

After "Open" call I check error code and it is: FMOD_ERR_FILE_FORMAT

But selected file is successfully played with WindowsMedia player.

What is wrong??

Thank you

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It is not a valid mp3.

It just has a bunch of crap at the start probably, and windows media player searches further than fmod’s 4k default.
If it fails, try re-calling FSOUND_Stream_Open but increment ‘offset’ by 4k.

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