7/11/07 4.11.01 – Development release update

  • Fixed Channel::stop rare crash if using System::playDSP (oscillators etc).
  • Event API – Fixed envelope cache flags colliding with Channel Mix effect
    flags (this could cause Channel Mix effects to work incorrectly).

6/11/07 4.11.00 – Development release update

  • Added ability to change output driver at runtime.
  • Event API – Added a "Pitch randomization units" Event property in Designer.
    If this property is set to a unit other than Octaves, the pitch
    variation is snapped to exact multiples of that unit.
  • Event API – Added FMOD_EVENT_INIT_SEARCH_PLUGINS init flag.
  • Event API – Added ability to load .fev files from memory.
  • Event API – Added a "units" parameter to Event::setPitch/getPitch and
    EventCategory::setPitch/getPitch, allowing the pitch to be set
    and retrieved in the desired units
    properties to be set and retrieved in the desired units
  • Event API – Added a "Spawn intensity randomization" Event property. The event
    spawn intensity is randomized based on this value when
    Event::start is called. Access via Event::setPropertyByIndex

  • Added System::getDriverInfo and System::getRecordDriverInfo functions to
    replace System::getDriverName and System::getRecordDriverName. They provide
    the same functionality but now optionally provide GUIDs to uniquely identify
    a driver. GUIDs are available from DSound, WASAPI and CoreAudio output modes.

  • fsbankex – Added ability to build multichannel Wii/GC/PSP/PS2 hardware banks
    as non-interleaved so that they can be used with FMOD_MEMORY_POINT.
  • Added support for loading multichannel hardware banks built as non-interleaved
    on supported platforms.
  • PS3 / Xbox 360 – Optimized SFX reverb.
  • Added version and build date to API docs

  • Fix System::setDriver not allowing a switch to a driver with the same index.

  • Fix System::setDriver in driver-list-changed callback causing infinte loop if
    desired driver is unsupported.
  • Fix Channel::setPosition with stream sentences that are not CD or FSB (ie
    user created sounds with user added subsounds.
  • Fix Channel::setSpeakerMix settings being overriden when virtual voices were
    swapping, which caused audible panning glitches.
  • Fix 4, 6 or 8 channel WAV/FSB not downmixing to stereo as it should be if a
    lower speakermode was selected (ie stereo).
  • Fix high priority sounds not being audible when played amongst a load of
    lower priority voices.
  • Fix Sound::getSubSound not seeking to the right sound if the sound was a stream.
  • Fix loop points on Sound::setSubSoundSentence.
  • Fix crash if Channel::stop was called from SyncPoint callback.
  • Fix Sound::getLength on FSB or CDDA sentences.
  • Fix 8ch+ sounds with DSP filters added causing corruption or NaN values being
    fed into the mixer. Specifically when using compressor, highpass, lowpass,
    lowpass simple, itlowpass or parameq.
  • Fix FMOD_ERR_INVALID_PARAM return code if values > 8 were passed to
  • Fix FMOD filesystem and netstream support due to issue introduced in
  • Fixed bug introduced in 4.09.07 to do with stream crackling and bad behaviour
    when seeking.
  • Fixed software stereo sounds coming out as mono when FMOD_SPEAKERMODE_PROLOGIC
    is used.
  • Fixed rare case of streams giving bad data which could cause crash on XMA
    hardware or corrupted sound?
  • Fixed crash when loading MIDI files.
  • Stopped Sound::lock returning a large length if the length passed in was
    larger than the sound. Now returns error.
  • Fixed problem with FMOD Highpass effect
  • Linux – Fixed crash due to incorrectly freeing memory.
  • Linux – Fixed freeze when recording with ALSA.
  • PS2 – Fixed FMOD_ERR_INVALID_PARAM being returned from System::createSound
    and other file loading Event based functions.
  • Mac – Removed last bits of MP library to improve performance.
  • Mac – Added missing fmod_event_net.dylib to release.
  • Mac – Modified device list changed callback to trigger when the default input
    or output device has changed.
  • PS3 – Fixed dsp effects having no affect if added directly to a System object,
    or to a master channel group derived from System::getMasterChannelGroup.
  • PS3 – Fixed crash when loading .wav files.
  • Win32 – WASAPI, fixed overriding FMOD_SPEAKERMODE_RAW when doing System::init.
  • Xbox 360. Fixed seeking with XMAs with no seek table hanging machine if seek
    position was near end of sound.
  • Wii – Fixed not being able to re-play a stream after disk has been ejected
    and re-inserted.
  • FSBankEx – Fixed FSB GUID always being regenerated when using encryption.
  • FSBankEx – upgrade allowed input channel count for wave files from 8 to 16.
  • Event API – Fix ‘programmer sounds’ using the parent FSB as the sound pointer
    (instead of a subsound), crashing on a null pointer. This is
    typically if a sentence was attempted to be used as a programmer
  • Event API – Fixed automatic parameters (3d distance, listener angle, event
    angle) to be read-only.
  • Event API – Fixed memory leak when using oneshot sounds.
  • Event API – Fixed issue with stolen / leaking channels.
  • Event API – Fixed FMOD_EVENT_ERROR_ON_DISKACCESS not working properly with
  • PS3 – Fixed dry mix not being heard when using system reverb.

  • System::setDriver will no longer restore the original driver if the desired
    driver is not supported. User must call System::setDriver with the index of
    the original driver.

  • System::getDriverName and System::getRecordDriverName have been replaced with
    System::getDriverInfo and System::getRecordDriverInfo as they now also provide
    unique device GUIDs.
  • PS3 – Now built with Sony SDK200.002
  • Event API – Changed FMOD_EVENT_INFO struct numplayingstances/playinginstances
    to numinstances/instances. Now all instances are returned, not
    just instances that are playing.
  • Event API – Event envelope value calculations are now cached for efficiency
  • .FEV file format updated! FMOD Designer 4.11.00 requires FMOD version 4.11.00,
    4.10.00, 4.08.10 or higher.
  • FSBank now writes out FSB files with GUID so that multiple load instances of
    the same FSB can be cached at runtime to save memory.
  • PS3 – DSP effects code is now streamed onto the SPU as it is needed.
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