10/01/08 4.10.04 – Stable release update

  • Fixed FMOD_REVERB_CHANNELPROPERTIES::Room being ignored if
    System::setReverbProperties was called -after- Channel::setReverbProperties.
  • Fixed a memory leak when recording.
  • Stop user being able to release a sound that was already in the middle of
    being released from a channel callback (Sound::release calls channel callback)
  • Linux – Fixed more stuttering issues with ALSA recording.
  • Win32 – (Vista) Potentially reduced stuttering.
  • PS3 – fixed buzzing if a channel that has been split and re-combined in the dsp
    tree is paused.
  • PS3 – Fixed rare case where sounds on dsp the network that have more that 1
    output, where the extra output is fed into a mixer unit, are not being
    mixed in that mixer unit.
  • Event API – Fixed channel mix effect not working on streamed sounds
  • Event API – Made EventSystem::init initialise the random number generator.
    This fixes broken sound definition shuffling.

  • Changed FMOD_DSP_SFXREVERB_DRYLEVEL to have default level of 0db instead of
    -10,000, to match what the docs were saying. (caused some confusion of stuff
    going silent if it was added with the default values).


This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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