I’d like to have some channels play sounds with reverb, and some not. What is the "right" way to do it?

  • similar to the submixing sample, create two channel groups, add a DSP reverb to one of them, add both to the master group?
  • use the global setReverbProperties method to set "no reverb" parameters, then for some channels set the "real" reverb parameters via the channel reverb property structure?

What is the idea behind the global/channel reverb parameters? Isn’t the DSP way "cleaner"?

Why are the two structures for global and channel parameters different?

I see no "wet/dry" parameter in those structures – how do I emulate it?

(I only care about FMOD’s software reverb implementation btw)

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Maybe you can try this:

ch_music->getReverbProperties( &chreverb);
chreverb.Room = -10000;
ch_music->setReverbProperties( &chreverb);

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