I have a problem with CreateSound and the OPENMEMORY flag in VB6.

Have a big file with lots of individual OGG samples that I want to create a sample from.

It fails with "(25) Unsupported file or audio format".

I have checked the contents of the byte array with a memory dump and it’s ok.

If I save the byte array to file and opens it with the createsound function it works……

Please help!!!

Extract of code:

Dim arrData() as byte

‘ some code to get the offset and length of a ogg sample within my ogg collection file

ReDim arrData(0 To lLength – 1)
‘ Getting the ogg data
Get #lHandle, lOffset + 1, arrData

CreateSample VarPtr(arrData(0), lLength

Public Function CreateSample(lPointer As Long, lLength As Long) As Long

Dim result As FMOD_RESULT

' Create a sound to record to
exinfo.cbsize = LenB(exinfo)
exinfo.Length = lLength
exinfo.suggestedsoundtype = FMOD_SOUND_TYPE_OGGVORBIS

result = FMOD_System_CreateSoundEx(system, lPointer, (FMOD_OPENMEMORY Or FMOD_CREATESAMPLE), exinfo, Sound)
ERRCHECK (result)

CreateSample = result

End Function

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