18/01/08 4.11.05 – Development release update

  • Added a new system callback for memory allocation failures.
  • PS3 – Added support for FMOD_DSP_OSCILLATOR.

  • Fixed uninstaller leaving files behind.

  • Fixed various issues with example programs.
  • Fixed syncpoints in streamed FSBs calling no matter what subsound was playing.
  • PS3 – Fix volume constantly doubling up whenever a channelgroup is added to
    another channelgroup.
  • PS3 – Fixed possible rare SPU crash.
  • Mac – Fixed crash when enumerating available devices quickly after a device
    removal, via the device list changed callback.
  • Event API – Various programmer report fixes.
  • Event API – Fixed events unexpectedly starting paused.
  • PS3 – Fixed distortion/sound corruption when dsp effects are added to certain
    dsp tree combinations.

  • Changed virtual voice behaviour. Now the first time a sound plays, if it
    immediately steals a voice, the start of the sound will never be cut off,
    it will just delay the start of playback until the other voice has stopped.
    FMOD_VIRTUAL_PLAYFROMSTART only affects sounds that swap in later because
    their audibility/priority changed at a later date in relation to other voices.

  • PS3 – Changed FMOD_DSP_SFXREVERB_DRYLEVEL to have default level of 0db instead of
    -10,000, to match what the docs were saying. (caused some confusion of stuff
    going silent if it was added with the default values). (Previous change was
    not applied to ps3)


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