25/01/08 4.11.06 – Development release update

  • Event API – All channels used by the event system now have their userdata
    field set to the event instance handle that spawned them.
  • Event API – Sound::setUserData can now be used with "programmer" sounds

  • Fix behaviour when ChannelGroup::addDSP is used and virtual voices.

  • Fix software voices leaking in rare timing cases causing sound to drop out.
  • Fixed syncpoints in streamed FSBs causing Sound::getNumSyncPoints/getSyncPoint
    to return incorrect values.
  • Fix crash introduced in 4.11.03 to do with streams and virtual voices.
  • Mac – Fixed potential problems with GUIDs from devices using unicode.
  • Wii – Fixed problems with loading short, non-interleaved multichannel fsb
  • Fixed incorrect path issue when using -b with fmod_designercl.
  • PS3 – Fixed all sounds dropping out for a small moment when a virtual voice
    is swapped in.
  • Event API – Fixed FMOD_ERR_EVENT_MISMATCH error on Wii.

  • PS3 – Now built with SDK 210.001

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[quote:910sbvxk]Fix behaviour when ChannelGroup::addDSP is used and virtual voices. [/quote:910sbvxk]

Hi brett, could you elaborate on this?

Also atm it appears the website has problems and I am unable to download any version of FMOD

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There was a problem when addsp was used on a channelgroup. If a voice became virtual then swapped back in to be ‘real’ again, the dsp effect wasnt present on the swapped in voice.

The website has been fixed for the download screen.

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